With more units in the field than any other automated pipeline pigging system, SureLaunch® automated pig launchers, and receivers set the industry standard in streamlining the pipeline pigging process through automation.

Our automated pipeline pigging system significantly reduces the hazards and limitations associated with gravity-fed pig launcher designs through the use of an electric-drive feed mechanism that is designed to launch seven to ten cleaning pigs automatically or one smart pig in manual mode for in-line inspection purposes. Internet based-remote control is a standard option on our automated pig launchers as well as solar power, which is vital for remote installations.

When it comes to determining how to clean pipelines more efficiently, this system is a game-changer, especially as it relates to maintaining a consistent predictable schedule of pipeline pigging activities—even for remote locations.

The SureLaunch® automated pipeline pigging system uses a logic-driven, PLC-based control system to operate an electric-drive feed mechanism to launch most types of pipeline pigs at pre-set launch intervals. Quick-opening closure options and other design features make launching and receiving pipeline pigs safe and easy. Whether you’re pigging a pipeline with standard cleaning, batching, or scraper pigs, our automated pig launchers and pig receivers can accommodate nearly any pipeline pigging need.

How To Clean Pipelines More Efficiently Using a 3-Step Pigging Routine

  1. Load multiple pigs in one loading operation. A single pig, pig train, or in-line inspection tool, or smart pig, is also a viable alternative.
  2. Preset the system to launch up to seven to 10 pipeline pigs at preset intervals with the PLC control panel.
  3. Initiate the pig launch sequence and monitor as needed.

Features & Benefits

  • A ground-level horizontal pig launcher and pig receiver design eliminates access platforms and lifting equipment which reduces safety risks, transportation costs, and field installation costs.
  • The robust size-on-size flow-through barrel design eliminates opening and closing valves for each pig launch, resulting in prolonged valve life, reduced maintenance costs, reduced environmental emissions, and reduced risk exposure associated with routine pipeline pigging operations.
  • The automated electric-drive system controls the pig launch frequency and is designed to deliver dependable pipeline pigging operations in any kind of climate anywhere in the world where pipelines are located.
  • All configurations of the SureLaunch® automated pipeline pigging system accommodate up to seven to 10 pipeline pigs, or one in-line inspection tool or smart pig.


  • Sizes: 4” through 42”
  • Piping and valve packages to provide efficiencies during project development and installation
  • Pull nozzles for loading in-line inspection tools, often referred to as smart pigs
  • Applications engineering, project management consulting and commissioning services
  • Field- and hands-on classroom training