Reinforcement for hard-working pipeline branch outlets

Why Is

Reinforcement Necessary?

When a welded tee connection is created on a pipeline run, the strength of the run section is decreased by the hole that is created. This loss of strength must be compensated for in one of two ways: either by initially selecting and utilizing pipe that includes excess wall thickness in the run section and/or the branch section, or if that’s not possible, by adding additional thickness to the newly created connection. One way to add this additional thickness is to install a reinforcing saddle.

What Is A

Reinforcing Saddle

Typically fabricated using an extrusion process, a reinforcing saddle is a non-pressure retaining structural component installed over a welded tee connection to supply adequate reinforcement for the joint. Because reinforcing saddles are not designed to contain pressure, they are supplied with a “weep” hole to prevent the possibility of pressure build-up between the saddle and the pressure-containing pipe. There are two types of reinforcing saddles: Partial and Full Encirclement.

Full Encirclement Saddles

Sometimes newly created welded tee connections on pipelines require additional reinforcement to operate safely and meet code requirements. That’s where WeldFit’s full encirclement saddles come into play. Our precision-made saddles are manufactured to a variety of specifications to help you meet ASME B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, and other industry codes.

  • Size-on-size or reduced branch outlets (down to 2”)
  • Many sizes and configurations ready to ship
  • Standard saddles available in ASTM A234 WPB and MSS SP-75 material grades
  • Stainless or high-yield stress material saddles can be made in-house to spec
  • Full-Encirclement Reinforcing Saddles come in five configurations
  • Made with weep holes to prevent pressure build-up between saddle and pipe

Partial Saddles

Typically used when the branch size is less than half of the run size, WeldFit also offers partial reinforcing saddles. Made in accordance with ASME B31.3 and B31.4 codes, we have the capabilities and facilities to make practically any common size, wall thickness, and material specification.

  • Attached by filet weld to the run pipe branch pipe
  • Complies with ASME B31.3 and B31.4
  • Carbon steel, alloy or high-yield materials
  • Large inventory for short lead times
  • Less material means a lower average cost

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