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Safe and reliable pipeline services. Trusted pipeline products. Ground-breaking automated pigging systems. 

From our experienced Hot Tapping & Line Stopping Services technicians to the market’s only horizontally oriented automated pigging system, WeldFit has helped pipeline operators enhance productivity through service and innovation for more than 50 years.

You can trust us to:

Respect your time and budget: We start—and finish—projects on schedule and within budget. We’ll answer your questions promptly, providing exactly the no-nonsense information you need.

Ensure quality: Every product we engineer and design, including extruded headers and pipeline pigging tools, helps protect your assets, people, and the environment.

Assign experts to your projects: The WeldFit technicians servicing your pipelines are experts who cut their teeth in some of the best-known service companies in the industry. Their experience ranges from 14 to 30 years in the field. That means you can trust WeldFit to do your projects right the first time, preventing unnecessary steps and costly delays.

  • Hot Tap & Line Stop Hot Tap & Line Stop Home Bucket

    WeldFit manufactures a complete line of hot tap and line stop fittings that are fully compatible with industry standard hot tapping equipment.

    Hot Tap Tees: Designed and manufactured to ensure the integrity of the piping system.

    Sureloc Line Stop Tees: Size-on-size and reduced port fittings used for line stop and by-pass operations.

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  • Fittings & Flanges Fittings & Flanges Home Bucket

    WeldFit offers a variety of products used in the construction and repair of onshore and subsea pipelines, such as:

    • Full-Encirclement Reinforcing Saddles
    • Partial Reinforcing Saddles
    • Pipeline Reinforcing Sleeves
    • Anchor Flanges
    • Swivel-Ring Flanges
    • Flow Tees
    • Launchers & Receivers

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  • Pig Launchers & Receivers Pig Launchers & Receivers Home Bucket

    WeldFit specializes in the design, engineering, manufacturing and quality testing of automated pigging systems and traditional pigging systems that can be utilized to perform four separate pigging functions: liquid recovery, cleaning, batching and in-line inspections.

    SureLaunch Automated Pigging Systems: Our fully-automated, horizontal design can launch any type of pig individually at pre-set launch intervals through the use of a logic-driven control system and an electrical drive system.

    SureTrap Traditional Pigging Systems: Manufactured with more durable and lower maintenance extruded branch outlets, for single or multiple outlets on the barrel.

    SureSeal Quick Opening Closure: A high-pressure rated quick-opening closure that allows access to systems that have been depressurized within seconds without the use of external tools

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  • Extruded Headers Extruded Headers Home Bucket

    WeldFit specializes in extruding branch outlets to produce single and multiple outlet headers and manifolds. Extruded outlets have several advantages over more common welded branch connections.

    We can produce extruded outlets in many metals including carbon, stainless, and high alloy steel. We are also very experienced in extruding high-yield stress material.

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