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Established more than
50 years ago

WeldFit is a pipeline products and services company that helps oil and gas customers optimize their pipeline operations. With headquarters in Houston, Texas, we are strategically located to serve your needs anywhere in the world. We are ISO certified, meaning you can depend on the safety and reliability of our products and services.

Responsive to Your Needs

Whether you need a quote, an answer, or technicians in the field, we’ll deliver on every project, every time.

Efficient Services

We apply our extensive pipeline industry experience to providing safe hot tapping & plugging services in full compliance with regulatory requirements. Our highly trained technicians can execute repairs, tie-ins, and modifications without interrupting product flow, on schedule, and putting safety first.

Ground-Breaking Pigging Technology

With the smartest combination of pig launching and receiving functionality available, WeldFit’s SureLaunch® solutions are changing the world of pipeline pigging forever.

All of our systems are quality engineered to help pipeline operators extend the life of their assets by making regular pigging simple and less expensive. Each system is capable of holding seven to ten pigs at a time, and the automated models launch at pre-set intervals to ensure unparalleled efficiency. That also increases safety, because there are fewer technician interactions with the closure. And the system’s low-profile design means technicians avoid elevated platforms, reducing risk even more.

Our multi-pig systems also reduce your carbon footprint by minimizing closure openings thereby reducing methane emissions. Optional configurations, including automation, provide the flexibility operators need for their pipeline conditions, saving time, and money.

Reliable Products

You can trust the quality of our pipeline fittings, slug catchers, extruded headers, and manifolds — which are designed, manufactured, tested, and certified at our Houston facility. Select from one of our standard products or opt for a customized solution.

Every product and service is delivered with pipeline industry standards and your needs in mind.