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Get a wide variety of fittings from standard, ready-to-ship specifications to custom-fabricated designs. We have extensive insight into what you really need and can make sure you get a product that delivers long-term performance.

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  • Hot tap fittings
  • Line stop fittings
  • SureLoc® fittings
  • SureLoc® flanges
  • SureLoc® plugs

SureLoc® Tapping Fittings

  • Completion plug secured with segment screws
  • The valve is recovered once the job is completed
  • Eliminates fabrication stress risers
  • No run-to-branch weld
  • Designed with integral reinforcement
  • Manufactured in multiple material grades from A234 WPB to WPHY-70

Spherical Fittings

  • Designed for pipeline relocations
  • Side outlet allows a lower profile to mitigate clearance concerns
  • Optional bottom tie-in configurations
  • Plugs available with pig guide bars

Flow Tee Fittings

  • Designed to enable passage of pipeline pigs and spheres through branch tee connections
  • Oversized annulus minimizes pressure drop as sphere or pig passes branch outlet
  • Inner Sleeve allows Flow around the pig as it passes the opening
  • Available for all pipeline sizes with size-on-size or reduced branch outlets

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SureLoc® Plug & Flange System

  • Reliable proprietary design securely holds all SureLoc® plug configurations
  • Delivers advanced performance with standard O-rings
  • Enables plugging head and valve removal during tapping and plugging operations
  • Available on all standard WeldFit fittings

SureLoc® Double-Hub Fitting

  • Features the SureLoc® flange system
  • Flow-Through Completion Plug comes standard
  • No studs or bolts buried underground
  • All connections are welded

3-Way Fittings

  • Designed for lateral tie-ins
  • Enables bypass operations during tapping and plugging operations
  • Valve installation can be located above grade
  • Plugs available with pig guide bars

Purge & Equalization Fittings

  • Purge and vent the line during HTP operations to equalize pressure before retracting plugging heads
  • Flanged option available

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Flow-Through Plugs

  • Typically used for hot tap/tie-in applications
  • Flow-through plugs allow product to move through branch connections while guiding the pig onward with the main flow
  • Requires a SureLoc® flange

Reinforcing Saddles

  • Standard saddles available in A234 grade WPB and MSS SP-75
  • Stainless or high-yield stress material saddles can be made in-house to spec
  • Full encirclement and partial saddles available

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