Extruded outlet headers and manifolds deliver superior performance and streamlined delivery

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WeldFit's extruded outlet headers and manifolds play an integral role in energy and industry across the country.

Made to a variety of specifications, our headers and manifolds enable more freedom and simplicity in design, streamline inspection and deliver strong performance that works hard for your facility.

Our Quality Means

Robust Reliability

  • Superior strength
  • Design flexibility
  • Simplified inspections
  • Precise tolerances
  • Built to customer specs
  • Rigorous QA/QC
  • On-time delivery

Extruded Header Angle

Cold Extrusion Manifolds

Extruded Header Horizontal

WeldFit's proprietary process has been delivering the oil and gas industry dependable, extruded products for over 50 years. Our cold extrusion manifolds are formed using mechanical pressure with no welding whatsoever. Using this process, we’re able to create precision products to a variety of specifications in a way that’s more efficient and economical.

Typical Applications

  • Processing plants
  • Distribution terminals
  • Tank farms
  • Pipeline systems
  • Subsea operations

Product Specifications:

  • Branch sizes up to 48” Nominal Pipe Size (NPS)
  • Header wall thickness up to 4”
  • Single or multiple outlet headers
  • Size-on-size or reduced branch outlets
  • Carbon, stainless or specialty alloys
  • Built to common industry standards

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