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SureLaunch® Multi-Pig Launching System

Frequent Pigging

Easy operation. Environmentally friendly. And Safety is built in... Reduced methane emissions. Remote monitoring. Less safety risk to personnel. Just a few of the ways the SureLaunch® Multi-Pig Launching System is changing pipeline pigging forever.

The SureLaunch® Multi-Pig Launching System takes pigging efficiency and pipeline productivity to a new level. The horizontal design makes it easier, more efficient, and safer for technicians to load the high-capacity barrel. Launch 7 to 10 pigs based on predetermined parameters in even the most rugged, remote, or hard-to-reach locations, with a PLC that puts control and information at your technicians’ fingertips.

Fewer Unit Openings, Reduced Emissions & Safety Risk to Personnel

By launching seven to 10 cleaning pigs at prescheduled times, or when critical indicators such as differential pressure are met, the SureLaunch® Multi-Pig Launching System facilitates regular pigging. It also eliminates repeated depressurization and opening — and associated risks to technicians — and reduces pigging-related methane emissions to a fraction of those from single-pig systems.

Multi-Pig Capacity, Increased Operational Efficiency.

Multi-pig capacity means pipeline pigging technicians load seven to 10 pigs at one time and the system does the rest. With less time traveling between labor-intensive loading and unloading events, technicians have more time to perform value-added duties.

Horizontal Design, Easier Pig Handling.

Patented horizontal design brings pig-loading and unloading to a safer, more efficient level.

Flow-Through Design, Stay Online.

Flow-through barrel design makes the launching equipment part of the pipeline. There’s no need to isolate pipe sections during normal pigging operations.

Remote Monitoring & Control with OnSITE™.

Easy-to-use PLC with HMI screen that can be accessed remotely with the OnSITE app from any desktop computer or mobile device. A more functional alternative to SCADA, this 24/7 system access provides users real-time monitoring and control capabilities from the safety of their home or office. Operators can immediately launch a pig or stop the next scheduled launch – all through the app and all without a trip to the field.

ILI Tool Compatibility, Better Flexibility.

Kicker line and in-line inspection (ILI) Pull Port provide the flexibility to load and launch ILI using the kicker line in manual mode. This provides the ultimate level of flexibility for your pigging operations.

Reduced Valve Cycling, Longer Asset Life.

Fewer openings and closings extend valve service life and reduce maintenance costs.

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WeldFit offers engineered products and services that make pipelines more productive without compromising emissions reduction objectives. With more than 50 years of experience, WeldFit’s solutions include line intervention, flow assurance and emissions management solutions that are safe, efficient and reliable. A leading supplier of state-of-the-art automated pigging systems, WeldFit also provides high-quality fittings, slug catchers and cross compression technology and services.

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