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For More Than 50 Years

WeldFit has been a leading global solutions provider of standard and custom products and services for the pipeline, oilfield, refining, and petrochemical industries. As with our products, our promise is to deliver high-quality Hot Tapping & Plugging Service that makes complex pipeline projects a positive experience. This means confidence that your projects are delivered on time and on budget with the least amount of surprises.

Our dedicated teams tackle a range of hot tap and line stop service needs, providing quality services for the entire job. Whether you’re bringing in a new line or repairing an existing one, we help you maintain pipeline productivity. And with our service teams, safety comes first. Our standards go beyond customer safety requirements to continuously improve all aspects of HSE performance.


  • Highly trained technicians with a proven track record
  • Responsive & ready with the right equipment for the job
  • Quality Fittings in stock, designed and tested to meet code around the globe


  • Sizes: 1/2” to 42” diameter
  • Pressures: up to 900 ANSI
  • Utilize Pressure Balanced Equipment


  • Sizes: 3” to 42” diameter
  • Pressures: up to 600 ANSI
  • Bypass Through Housing
    When the reduced flow is acceptable and constricted flow is still adequate to maintain operational expectations, our bypass through housing method is recommended
  • Bypass Through 3-Way Tee or Spool Adapter
  • External Bypass
    When full flow production is required to maintain operational expectations
  • True Double Block & Bleed
    A true double block & bleed has two separate control bars that can actually provide the ability to reset if blow-by occurs. Less expensive than other block & bleed systems

Operator Qualification Training & Certification

WeldFit’s technicians are focused on the integrity and reliability of its services until the job is complete. Each of our technicians has a long history of proven pipeline intervention experience and an excellent safety record. The quality we leave on your pipeline begins well before arriving on the job site. Our technician training program requires ongoing classroom and hands-on operator qualification training to ensure each hot tapping and plugging job is expertly executed from beginning to end.

Our care and commitment for your pipeline projects begin with the work of our engineers to develop the right equipment the right way; a total understanding of our customers’ needs and attention to detail. WeldFit assures the right fittings and the right solution are delivered to the job site on time with clear and continuous communication to reach every milestone as planned. Responsiveness and our attention to detail are the hallmarks of WeldFit.

Technician Advancement Program:

  • Each technician undergoes an annual recertification process
  • The purpose is to maintain and advance skills and competencies
  • Certification preocess begins in the classroom, moves to observation, and concludes with skill demonstrations
  • Levels include:
    - Senior Line Stop
    - Line Stop Professional
    - Line Stop Entry
    - Senior Hot Tap
    - Hot Tap Professional
    - Hot Tap Trainee

Service Safety Program:

  • Detailed job safety analysis
  • Quarterly safety audits on technicians and facilities
  • Consistent formal training coursework
  • Training certification through NCCER
  • Safety observation and near-miss reporting
  • Intelex mobile used for easy user interface

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