Set and adjust your pigging program at the pace that fits your operation’s unique wet gas flow rates.

Our gravity-fed multi-pig launcher is as reliable as gravity itself. Beginning with simplicity and quality, this sloped launcher design from WeldFit is engineered with all the options that allow you to operate your pigging program on a pace that suites your highly tuned optimized schedule and wet-gas pipeline operation.

  • Reduce emissions as part of your ESG program.
  • Cost savings through efficient use of manpower.
  • Reduce exposure to safety risks.
  • Increased valve life reduces maintenance activity.
  • Standard specifications available.


Our standard units hold 10 spherical pigs in sizes up to 12” and 8 spherical pigs in sizes 16” and larger. Options include elevated platforms to ease the loading and operation.

Our control system utilizes a PLC with an HMI in an explosion proof housing mounted in an easily accessible area on the launcher skid. Our standard launch pins are electric, which eliminates the need for supply gas required for pneumatic pins.

Gravity Fed full width