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WeldFit is one of the industry's leading providers of pigging technologies - continually engineering new ways to push the potential of hydrocarbon infrastructure productivity.

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  • High Quality Equipment

  • Improved Pipeline Productivity

  • Greater Efficiency

  • Easy Operation

  • Fast-Tracked Installation

WeldFit is the leader in innovative pigging technologies that ensure maximum flow rates.

Our technologies help mitigate operational issues, corrosion, downtime, and low flow rates associated with liquid pooling and slugs.

We have a range of pigging solutions on-hand that increase both your confidence and your performance.

Automated Pigging System


Streamline your pigging process with the industry’s latest technology. The SureLaunch® system is a game-changer for lines in high-frequency service or remote locations.

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Traditional Pigging System


Proven to make manual pigging as productive as possible, the SureTrap® system brings strength and reliability to your pigging operation.

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Pig Passage Indicator


Know exactly what’s happening on the line with SureSig®, a durable pig passage indicator that you can put to work straight out of the box.

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Quick Opening Closure


The SureSeal® closure helps you stay productive when frequent access is required. Get quick, safe access—no tools required.

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Slug Catchers

If you're looking for peak performance, you need to see it through to the end. Our slug catchers are engineered to deliver first-rate reliability and make liquids recovery and management more productive.

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