01 Flow Tee

Often used in lieu of a barred tee in locations such as the station bypass adjacent to a pig launcher or receiver, WeldFit's Flow Tee is a specialty fitting that is designed to enable the passage of pipeline pigs and spheres through branch tee connections – a location where pigs often become stuck, restricting critical product flow.

Comprised of an oversized extruded outlet tee with forged end pieces and a slotted inner sleeve to guide the pig through the pipeline past the branch, the Flow Tee permits maximum product flow through the tee and branch connection with minimal pressure drop under normal operating conditions. The slotted holes in the inner sleeve coupled with the annulus provide a flow area at least equal to the flow area of the branch line, allowing a continuous flow of product around the pig as it passes the opening.

Typically designed to ASME B31.4, B31.8, or other applicable design codes, Flow Tees can be supplied for all pipeline sizes, with size-on-size or reduced branch outlets, and to meet almost any pressure rating. Flow Tees can also be provided with weld end or flanged end connections.


  • End forgings machined down to “inline” dimensions
  • Material selected to match pipeline materials and specifications
  • Designed to specific customer requirements
  • Pressure boundary welds are 100% radiographed
  • Oversized annulus minimizes pressure drop as the sphere or pig passes the outlet
  • Slotted inner sleeve allows for the maximum fluid flow while maintaining sufficient restraint for the sphere or pig as it passes through the tee
  • Available for all pipeline sizes, with size-on-size or reduced branch outlet
  • Can be designed to any applicable pipeline code
  • Manufactured in compliance with WeldFit's ISO 9001:2015 certified quality program


  • Run pipe size and wall thickness
  • Branch pipe size and wall thickness
  • Existing pipe material
  • Design pressure
  • Design code
  • Design factor

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