WeldFit specializes in the engineering, design, manufacturing, and commissioning of high quality automated pipeline pigging systems and traditional pig launchers and pig receivers. These systems are designed to perform pig launching and pig receiving in support of four primary reasons for pigging a pipeline: liquid and debris removal, pipeline cleaning, batching and in-line inspections.

Achieve Higher Productivity:

  • Mechanical launch system enables you to launch pigs in high and low flow conditions.
  • The drive system allows you to launch most pig types.
  • The flow-through barrel design increases service life, cuts maintenance costs, and reduces emissions exposure.
  • A quick opening closure comes standard on all units.


Traditional Pipeline Pigging Systems: Designed and manufactured in a wide range of configurations, our traditional pig launchers, and pig receivers feature oversized barrels to ease in the loading and unloading of pigs, making pipeline pigging more efficient.

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Multi-Pig Launching Systems: With its fully-automated option, the horizontal pig launcher design can launch any type of pig individually at pre-set launch intervals through the use of a logic-driven control system and an electric-drive feed system.

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Ball Launcher

Starting with the electric, dual automated launch pin design and barrel, every gravity-fed ball launch system is well tested and proven. Every unit is built in compliance to applicable design codes in accordance with to customer specifications. The over-sized, multi-pig capacity design can be controlled and operated locally, or remotely with WeldFit’s OnSiteTM app.

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