Specialists in Live-Line Welding

As part of its integrated hot tap & line stop solutions offering, WeldFit is a leading provider of specialized live-line in-service welding.

From comprehensive welder safety training and qualification to careful pre-project planning that results in seamless execution, at WeldFit, this is not just another weld. It is one of the key elements of a steadfast and dependable in service welding pipeline project.

This is why, on every project, we follow a disciplined process – one that starts with detailed input gathering from the customer, ensures compliance with any applicable customer welding program, and prior to execution, includes flow rate verification, an on-site safety analysis, and a thermal severity review. Upon project completion, WeldFit delivers a final quality assurance package to the customer along with a weld traveler and weld map. We do this the same way, every time to give our customers the assurance and confidence they need to proceed with their critical operations.

Integrated Solution

As one of the industry’s most trusted long-time resources for pipeline fittings and line intervention service, WeldFit’s specialized live-line in-service welding, to include welded hot taps, split tee welding, and line stop welding, means you get one-stop, full-service, integrated coordination from fitting manufacturing to final tie-in. A single purchase order and primary point of contact means:

  • Reduced risk to your project’s schedule and budget
  • Safe delivery and execution with a high degree of quality
  • Predictable service on every project, every time

Quality Program

WeldFit’s highly-experienced OQ certified live-line in-service welders are qualified to ASME Section IX and API 1104 and adhere to the following strict quality program:

  • All WeldFit live-line welders are required to qualify under the Multiple Qualification of API 1104 which demonstrates the ability to weld all diameters and thicknesses within the limits of the welding procedure specification (WPS)
  • We assure all essential variables of the applicable code are satisfied, including procedure selection to match existing material specifications and operating condition analysis to ensure thermal severity is reviewed
  • WeldFit’s live-line welding team members are provided with specific welding instructions that inform them of all engineering parameters prior to starting work

Hot Tap Welding Process:

WeldFit’s qualified live-line welders perform the following processes on pipeline API in service welding projects:

  • SMAW for ASME pressure vessels and Hot Tap / Line Stop fittings
  • A combination of GTAW and SMAW for nozzles and butt welds

Codes & Standards

WeldFit’s welding procedures and welder performance qualifications meet the following applicable codes or standards, as required:

API 1104

  • 1104 Appendix B
  • RP 2201
    • CFR 192 - Transportation of Gas
    • CFR 197 - Transportation of Liquid


  • B31.1 Power Piping
  • B31.3 Process Piping
  • B31.4 Liquid Transmission
  • B31.8 Gas Transmission
  • Section VIII Pressure Vessels
  • Section IX Welding
  • PCC-2


  • Pressure Parts Repair and Alteration (R Stamp Certification)

Welder Training & Qualification

WeldFit’s live-line welders are required to go through a multi-level safety training and qualification program to ensure we put the most qualified welding technicians on our customers’ projects:

NCCER - Maintenance / In-Service Welding OQ

  • Safety compliance and OQ tracking
  • PEC Training
  • OSHA (Annual Required Course)
  • ISNetworld
  • Veriforce
  • Safeland
  • H2S Clear
  • Pipeline Connect
  • Fire extinguisher safety
  • Distracted driving
  • Heat stress
  • Hazard communication

Qualification Testing

  • API 1104 Butt & Branch (Multiple Qualification Test)
  • API 1104 Appendix B (In-Service Welding Test)
  • ASME Test (Section IX)