WeldFit specializes in extruding branch outlets to produce single and multiple outlet headers and extruded manifolds. Extruded outlet headers and manifolds have many applications, including:

  • Inlet and outlet headers
  • Gas cooler and heater manifolds
  • Compressor station headers and manifolds
  • Pipeline test heads
  • Slug catcher manifold retrofits
  • Fitting connections (tees, crosses, and spools)

Welded (Fabricated)

Branch Connections

  • Additional reinforcement pads are required
  • Radiographic x-ray inspection of the header-to-branch weld required
  • Significant collection reinforcement weight
  • Lower external load rating
  • Additional fabrication work required
  • More material is consumed to provide the same strength as an extruded product



  • Flexible design that allows reinforcement to be included in the neck of the extrusion
  • Higher external load rating
  • Streamlined manufacturing process
  • Less gross material required than in a welded (fabricated) product
  • Extrusions are often more economical than welded connections, particularly for multiple-outlet applications
  • Can be classified as a fitting