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WeldFit Crews Mobilize ReCAP™ and Recompress Gas in less than 24 Hours for Emergency Pipeline Repair in Residential Area

After receiving a call in the late evening on Tuesday for emergency natural gas recompression services on a North Dallas utility pipeline system, WeldFit’s service crews were dispatched to the site early the next morning. Utilizing the speed of ReCAP®, the crews completed the job less than 24 hours from the initial call.

On Tuesday, October 26, WeldFit’s customer placed a call asking for ReCAP Emissions Recovery service crews to be on site the next day to transfer gas from an isolated 6-mile section of 20” utility pipeline in need of permanent repair.

The pipeline section requiring depressurization traversed a heavily populated area of residential and commercial properties near Interstate 635 in North Central Dallas. The ability of WeldFit’s service crews to dispatch immediately to quickly decompress this section while keeping gas in the pipeline was crucial in this location where a blowdown was not an option. 

By Wednesday evening, the isolated pipeline section was completely and safely depressurized and WeldFit’s service crews were disconnecting the equipment to allow for our customer’s repair project to commence.

Eric Heinle, President of WeldFit’s Pigging & Performance Products business, said the responsiveness of the WeldFit team and ReCAP’s speed are both a big part of what put our customer in a position to move quickly toward repairing this pipeline all while virtually eliminating GHG emissions associated with depressurization.

“WeldFit understands that time is of the essence in these types of situations, which is why we always do everything we can to be on site when our customers need us,” Heinle said.

WeldFit offers engineered products and services that make pipelines more productive without compromising emissions reduction objectives. With more than 50 years of experience, WeldFit’s solutions include line intervention, flow assurance and emissions management solutions that are safe, efficient and reliable. A leading supplier of state-of-the-art automated pigging systems, WeldFit also provides high-quality fittings, slug catchers and cross compression technology and services.