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OnSITE™ App Provides 24/7 Remote Access to SureLaunch® Multi-Pig Launching System

Accessing the SureLaunch® PLC’s HMI screen from a remote location to monitor and control the automated pigging system is now a possibility.

WeldFit’s new OnSITETM app provides users real-time monitoring and control of the SureLaunch® system from virtually anywhere in the world – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The OnSITE cellular network-based module installs easily into the system’s PLC cabinet allowing the HMI screen to be accessed from any desktop computer or iOS/Android mobile device.

A more functional alternative to SCADA, the easy-to-use OnSITE app allows operators system control capabilities such as immediately launching a pig or stopping the next scheduled launch – all through the app and all without a trip to the field. This provides inherent personnel safety benefits by limiting the number of times operators are required to travel to the field – often in remote locations.

Other features include geolocation of all of the operator’s SureLaunch units as well as email and SMS notifications when unit alarms trigger and when pigs launch. Additionally, WeldFit service personnel can remote access the SureLaunch® unit to troubleshoot, update software, and provide faster response times without the need to travel to location.

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