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WeldFit Introduces Innovative, Field Proven Dually™ Double Block & Bleed Line Stop System

The answer to our customers’ request for a more reliable way to safely perform double block and bleed line isolation projects is here.

WeldFit, a leading pipeline intervention service provider, is proud to introduce the Dually™ Double Block & Bleed Line Stop System for gas and liquid pipeline line stop applications.

WeldFit’s latest patent-pending innovation, the Dually builds on the company’s success with single seal line stops by utilizing tried and true, field proven concepts. The Dually features a single pivoting head with dual seals to create a no-pressure Zero Zone™ for added assurance. Achieving the dual seal with one compact pivoting head ensures reliable entry and removal, compared to dual pivot point heads. Additionally, the Dually’s traditional pivot design ensures there is no added risk associated with stress on the fitting and bolted connection that may be experienced during line stop operations with some hydraulically actuated pivoting heads. 

“Line stops are an essential part of maintaining and modifying critical pipeline infrastructure to keep lines flowing and reduce emissions,” said Brian Anderson, President, Line Intervention. “Our customers have asked for a more reliable, simplified and cost-effective way to provide a double block and bleed line stop solution which is why we created the Dually.”

Dually technology is a state-of-the-art addition to WeldFit’s established and trusted hot tapping and line stopping service offering. The Dually system is designed to meet all the same stringent quality control standards as our traditional plugging heads. It is also designed for low- and high-pressure applications up to 1480 psig and covers a range of wall thicknesses for pipelines 8 to 42 inches in diameter. 

“The Dually has been a welcomed addition to our Line Intervention offering, helping many of our customers over the last year,” said Anderson. “We are focused on ramping up this offering to continue to satisfy our customers’ needs.”

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