WeldFit’s SureTrap® traditional pig launchers and pig receivers range in size from 4” through 48” nominal pipe size. The SureTrap® pipeline pigging system locks in a solid performance for your operation by delivering superior strength, better value, and a wide range of configurations and options.

Features & Benefits

  • Oversized barrel to ease the handling and loading of cleaning pigs and smart pigs
  • Flanged or weld end connections for field installation
  • All connections are sized based on industry best practices and standards
  • Primer coated or painted to paint specifications
  • Standard SureSeal® quick-opening closures
  • Standard designs as well as build to order for size, nozzles, pressure gauges, and drains
  • Data package included for code compliance
  • Hydrostatic pressure tested for code compliance
  • Designed to applicable safety design factor


  • Barrel capacity in pig launcher for in-line inspection tools often referred to as smart pigs
  • Coupon holders for monitoring corrosion rates
  • Pull nozzles for loading in-line inspection tools, often referred to as smart pigs
  • Skid-mounted units available
  • Corrosion-resistant weld overlay of trap components
  • Valve packages available
  • In-field consulting and commissioning services