The WeldFit Commitment is Partnership


The Technology:

ReCAP™ Cross Compression System
SureLaunch™ Multi-Pig Launching System

WeldFit is committed to providing pipeline owners and operators with solutions to support their methane emissions reduction programs.

We know our customers are dedicated to meeting regulatory and industry standards covering emissions reductions, as well as addressing shareholder and management concerns about environmental impacts. We also know our customers want to maximize operational efficiency, even as they remain sensitive to climate policy. That means avoiding downtime whenever possible so gas keeps flowing downstream to the places where it’s needed.

Those considerations are what has driven us to innovate, design and deploy ReCAP®, a cross compression technology that allows pipeline companies to depressurize pipelines without resorting to venting or flaring. In just three simple steps, ReCAP recovers methane during pipeline depressurization operations, recompress it, and directs it to an adjacent pressurized system. It’s quick and efficient, as it moves gas at a constant rate. It’s also in line with emissions reduction objectives, as it captures up to 99.99% of all methane in some cases from isolated pipeline sections and serves as a safe alternative to flaring.

Commitment to our customers is also what drives us to send our skilled crews out into the field every day to provide services quickly and efficiently. We understand the need to ensure operations are in compliance with evolving emissions reduction requirements and in tune with investor sentiment, and we know pipeline owners and operators want to uphold their reputations as reliable suppliers.

And that’s why we’re dedicated to serving up solutions that keep emissions reduction-related concerns front and center.