1. Connect the ReCAP® suction and discharge lines.
  2. Turn the system on to begin moving gas from one system to the other.
  3. Once the gas has been recaptured and discharged, turn off ReCAP® and disconnect.

In just three easy steps, the ReCAP® Cross Compression System transfers methane from isolated pipeline sections to live pipeline section, virtually eliminating the need for voluntary venting or flaring. This process is simple and fast. ReCAP® includes WeldFit’s patented, state-of-the-art XR technology, which is designed to move gas at a constant rate, allowing you to meet emissions reduction goals by keeping gas in the pipeline.

WeldFit’s crews connect the suction line of the ReCAP unit to the isolated pipeline section to be depressurized and then connect the discharge line to the adjacent pipeline system. During the cross compression process, our crews take care to create no-leak seals at all connection points –– all in line with HSE objectives.

With the push of a button, ReCAP depressurizes the isolated section and recompresses the methane for discharge into the adjacent pipeline system. No matter the pressure differential, the gas will flow at a constant Transfer Rate (XR), allowing for the efficient cross compression of gas out of the isolated section and into the adjacent pressurized pipeline system. ReCAP keeps your gas in the pipeline, where it can continue flowing to market, while allowing your operations to comply with established methane emissions reduction goals.