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Designed to maximize jobsite safety, the Dually™ Double Block and Bleed Line Stop System’s patent-pending single pivoting head/dual seal design creates a safe no-pressure Zero Zone™ for added assurance. And unlike other double block and bleed (DBB) equipment with two bulky, coupled heads as well as those with complicated hydraulics, the Dually’s traditional pivot design presents no added risk associated with stress on the fitting and bolted connection which can lead to unwanted project delays.

The field-proven Dually system is designed to meet all the same stringent quality control standards as WeldFit’s traditional plugging heads, and it is designed for low- and high-pressure applications up to 1480 psig. The Dually’s many performance advantages are making it the new industry standard for DBB pipeline isolation operations.


  • Single pivoting head and advanced dual-seal design ensures consistent, reliable performance.
  • Single-tap simplicity leaves less hardware on the line - and reduces labor and material costs.
  • Compact design means cleaner entry and easier removal.
  • Double block and bleed functionality with the no-pressure Zero Zone™ for added assurance.
  • Easy-to-replace sealing elements means jobsite flexibility.
  • NACE-compliant materials.