pipeline building sureloc weld overlay

Pipeline Equipment

WeldFit Energy Group is a leading manufacturer of high-quality oilfield and pipeline equipment including hot tap tees and Sureloc line stop tees. WeldFit's extrusion expertise, along with extensive machining and welding capability give the company the ability to create a variety of standard and custom products. WeldFit's commitment to quality is evident in its ISO 9001:2008 certification. 

  • Hot Tap & Line Stop Hot Tap & Line Stop

    WeldFit manufactures a complete line of hot tap and line stop fittings that are fully compatible with industry standard hot tapping equipment.

    Hot Tap Tees: Designed and manufactured to ensure the integrity of the piping system.

    Sureloc Line Stop Tees: Size-on-size and reduced port fittings used for line stop and by-pass operations.

  • Extruded Headers Extruded Headers

    WeldFit specializes in extruding branch outlets to produce single and multiple outlet headers and manifolds. Extruded outlets have several advantages over more common welded branch connections.

    We can produce extruded outlets in many metals including carbon, stainless, and high alloy steel. We are also very experienced in extruding high-yield stress material.

  • Pigging Technologies Pigging Technologies

    WeldFit manufactures its SureTrap™ traditional pigging systems from 4 inch through 48 inch* nominal pipe size with extruded branch outlets to produce single or multiple outlets on the barrel.

    WeldFit has more than 30 years of pipeline experience with extruded outlets, welding and the fabrication of pigging systems where the design, engineering, manufacturing and testing are all performed in-house.

  • Weld Overlay Weld Overlay

    WeldFit Energy Group provides Corrosion Resistant Weld Overlay for our customers in the pipeline, oilfield, power, refining and petrochemical industries.

    We have developed the processes and procedures to apply corrosion resistant overlays to bores as small as 1½ inches in diameter to piping, nozzles, valve seats, tube-sheets and other components where corrosion is a concern.