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Weld Overlay Service

Weld Overlay Service

Weld OverlayWeldFit Energy Group provides corrosion resistant weld overlay service for our customers in the pipeline, power, refining and petrochemical industries. We have developed the processes and procedures to apply corrosion resistant overlays to bores as small as 1½ inches in diameter to piping, nozzles, valve seats, tube-sheets and other components where corrosion is a concern.  

WeldFit uses manual and advanced automated weld overlay cladding technologies. Our processes and equipment ensure that the overlay is applied with accuracy to produce a uniform bead thickness with defined chemistry, permanent bonding and exceptional quality. We are experienced in applying inconel, monel and hastelloy nickel alloy overlays as well as austenitic and duplex stainless steel overlays.

Key Features

  • Permanent solution for corrosion resistance
  • Automated weld overlay systems for accuracy and increased productivity
  • Complete and uniform fusion with base metal
  • Minimal base metal penetration

Ordering Information

  • Specify Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) needed for weld overlay
  • Ordering information is dependent on type of component to receive weld overlay
  • Please contact us to find out how WeldFit can meet your needs


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