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ReCAP™ XR1800 Units Now In Service for Large Pipeline Depressurization Projects

The third and latest addition to the ReCAP® service fleet features enough compression horsepower to efficiently tackle some of the largest transmission pipeline gas transfer projects.

In support of its customers’ ongoing commitment to sustainability and emissions reduction during routine pipeline operations — no matter how large — WeldFit introduces the ReCAP® XR1800 as the newest alternative to venting and flaring.

Each XR1800 is rated for pressures up to 1440 psig and packaged with 456 HP of compression capable of transferring more than 1800 SCFM, or 2.7 MMSCFD, of natural gas.  

This equates to enough compression capacity to depressurize an isolated 1-mile stretch of 16” pipeline from 900 psig to 5 psig in a little less than 5 hours. If getting down to 0 psig is desired, pairing an XR300 with an XR1800 would accomplish that objective in even less time.

And just as important as ensuring project schedules are maintained, the ReCAP XR1800 reduces emissions in excess of 99.97% when compared to venting or flaring. 

For more information about the XR1800, please access the data sheet here.

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