Case Study :
Midstream Energy Company
Cut Costs by 14% Using 3-Way Tee


In the Marcellus Formation in Pennsylvania, one of the nation’s largest midstream energy companies needed a cost-effective solution to add several 30-inch branch connections on an existing 30-inch pipeline to tie into a compressor station.


WeldFit recommended eliminating the need for a sacrificial buried valve by utilizing a 3-way tee with a temporary hot tap valve on this project, which reduced the customer’s project execution costs. The 30-inch temporary hot tap valve was removed at the end of the project.

In addition, using the 3-way tee allowed the customer to run piping above ground instead of burying it, as other hot tapping configurations require.


Using a 3-way tee provided greater operational efficiencies and lower project costs for completion of the necessary tie-ins.

The primary benefit of installing the 3-way tee was that it eliminated the cost of a sacrificial valve that would only be used during the hot tapping process.

Moreover, without having to install that valve, the customer expended fewer work hours on the project and lowered their project operating costs.

Finally, with piping run above grade and a 30-inch valve placed above ground instead of buried, the 3-way tee configuration allowed for convenient future access.

These three elements added up to a 14% savings on project execution costs.

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Hot Tap / Line Stop 3-Way Tee

By Eliminating one Valve, Customer

  • Saved 14% Off Project Cost
  • Reduced Hours
  • Decreased Transportation and Inventory Holding Costs
  • Created Convenient Access for Future Maintenance Operations