WeldFit specializes in engineering, manufacturing, and testing of a harp or finger-style slug catchers that perfectly balance your application’s efficiency, capacity, and economic demands.

Slug Catcher White Side 02

We are an industry leader in manufacturing slug catchers using extruded outlets, contoured outlets, standard tees, and fittings. No matter the design, we help reduce the total installation cost of ownership for your equipment.

Our slug catchers that are fabricated using our extrusion process ensure the highest system integrity with less welding during field installations. That means faster setup and commissioning without compromising the integrity of the structure. The elimination of weld connections removes the need for reinforcement pads and the possibility of fatigue cracking caused by cyclic and thermal loads.

When sized in conjunction with WeldFit’s SureLaunch® automated pipeline pigging system, we can optimize the size and footprint of your slug catcher to reduce both your operational and capital expenditure costs while still providing a solution that protects your gas plant from the damaging effects of pipeline slugs.


  • Fully customizable slug catchers for the application
  • Reliability and safety designed into slug catcher
  • Shorter lead time through the use of standard designs
  • Extrusion process eliminates expensive girth welds in the field
  • Sludge management cleaning solutions available
  • Lower cost of installation
  • Primer coated for repainting, or per customer specifications
  • Modular systems for more efficient shipping and assembly on-site
  • Manufactured per applicable design codes and customer specifications
  • Design standards (B31.8, Sec. VIII Div. 1)
  • Pressure rating: ANSI 150#, 300#, 600#, 900#
  • Temperature range: -50° F to 150° F