Quick Opening Closure

Stay productive
with quick, safe, and simple access to your pipeline.

Quicker Access

Make the most of your personnel by lowering maintenance, inspection, and pig management time. Get total access to your system in less than a minute.

Easy Operation

No blind flanges and no tools required. The SureSeal® can be opened by a single technician without the worry of door sticking issues, which are all too common in closures with radial seals.

Custom Fit

Get your SureSeal® designed to exact specifications and optimized for your particular needs. Customize everything from forging material, size and flange class to pressure rating, O-ring material, and more.

Assured Safety

Put safety first with a system that has a trusted and proven track record. Talk to your WeldFit representative to determine the safest system specs.

Lower Maintenance Costs

The SureSeal® Quick Opening Closure (QOC) minimizes moving parts and internal corrosion and uses standard size O-rings to simplify maintenance and keep costs low.

Download Spec Sheet

Fast Access / Reliable Seal:

  • For system sizes ranging from 6” to 24” and multiple pressure classes
  • For ratings of 1,480 psgi at 100°F and a design factor of 0.5
  • Made to ASME Pressure Piping Codes B31.4 and B31.8
  • Made to run for a minimum of 7,500 pressure cycles
  • With a variety of O-ring materials per customer spec