Slug Catchers

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Our modular
mean quick field installation

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Designed and built for streamlined field installation and commissioning in the field—from fitting-to-pipe welds to options for skid-mounting and custom connections. All Slug Catchers made in adherence to the most rigorous quality standards.


Prevent system overload and keep everything optimized with slug catchers that offer enough buffer volume to store the largest slugs in any system. We also engineer and manufacture high-capacity systems with ANSI 600# ratings, liquid volumes up to 50,000 BBL and gas volumes up to 1 BCFD.

Easy Installation

Streamline installation and startup in the field with units configured and prepped for paint. Our modular systems can be shipped and assembled on-site at your facility—we can even ensure short lead times.

Liquid or gas

WeldFit Slug Catchers are engineered for almost any hydrocarbon service. We understand the demands of all kinds of facilities, so you get the system you’re looking for—customized for your application by our highly experienced flow management specialists.


  • Manufactured per any specific required code (B31.8, B31.4, B31.3, Sec. VIII Div. 1)
  • Available in a variety of pressure and temp ratings
  • Built to WeldFit's demanding QA/QC standards
  • Available in both harp and vessel style designs

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