Pipeline Reinforcing Sleeves

Pipeline Reinforcing Sleeves

reinforcing sleevePipeline Reinforcing Sleeves are used to repair and reinforce pipelines damaged due to internal and/or external corrosion, gouges, dents, cracks and defective welds. WeldFit can manufacture Pipeline Reinforcing Sleeves for non-pressure retaining structural reinforcement or for applications where the sleeve will be required to contain the full design pressure of the pipeline. Pipeline Reinforcing Sleeves are custom fabricated to the unique design requirements of each situation.

Key Features

  • Available for any pipe size
  • Custom designed per customer specifications
  • Available in a variety of carbon, stainless or alloy steel materials, depending on pipeline material and customer requirements
  • Manufactured in compliance with WeldFit's ISO 9001:2015 certified quality program

Ordering Information

  • Pipeline size
  • Existing pipeline wall thickness
  • Material grade required
  • Required length of sleeve
  • Backing strips required (Yes/No)

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