SureSig Pig Passage Indicator

SureSig Pig Passage Indicator

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WeldFit’s SureSig Pig Passage Indicator accurately counts every pig, every time, delivering you peace of mind on critical pipeline operations.

SureSig is a compact device that features a bi-directional trigger, enabling pig detection in either direction, as well as a digital counter and a range of options to support your specific processes on any pipeline. As the cleaning pig or sphere passes and makes contact with the device’s intruding bi-directional trigger, it activates the internal control gear pin and triggers the indication of the passage of a pig.

SureSig’s streamlined design promotes easy installation and utilization by operators of varying levels of experience. The electrical indicator can be quickly connected to an operator’s PLC or SCADA system, enabling the recording of pigs passed in a defined period in conjunction with other actions monitored on the operator’s system.

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  • Bi-directional Trigger: Enabling detection of a pig traveling in either direction through the launcher, receiver, or pipeline.
  • Universal & Fit-For-Purpose: Pipe nipple sized to the wall thickness of your specific pipeline and supports industry-leading P&E Fittings eliminating the need for additional equipment or personnel
  • Versatility: The SureSig indicator is weather sealed, corrosion-resistant and explosion proof enabling it to withstand the most extreme environments, both on and offshore
  • Operational Flexibility: Designed for easy installation on new, existing in service, or under-pressure pipelines, ensuring there is little disruption to ongoing operations
  • Proven Performance: Extensive field testing ensuring reliability of the overall construction as well as consistency & repeatability to count every pig, every time


  • Threaded Mounting Nipple
  • Hazardous Location Support - Class 1, Div 2
  • Universal 2” P&E Fitting for pipelines 4” and up
  • PLC & SCADA Compatible
  • Operating Pressure up to 1440 psi


  • Electrical Indicator with Counter
  • Electrical Indicator Only (upon request)
  • Special materials and O-Ring seals are available
  • Extensions available for under ground installation


  • Pipelines
  • Launchers & Receivers
  • Extreme Environments
  • Onshore/Offshore


WeldFit has a proven performance in supporting high quality custom and specialty projects of a wide range of scales and quantities with a quick turnaround.

We are excited to partner with you from conceptualization to a final delivery of your complete design package. To view our recent successes or request a quote, please contact us at 713.460.3700.

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