Pipeline Products & Services

WeldFit is a leading pipeline products and oilfield services company serving the midstream oil and gas market and is committed to being your most responsive partner in the industry. A well-known manufacturer of high-quality extruded pipeline products and equipment, our flagship offerings include SureLaunch® automated pipeline pigging system SureTrap® traditional pig launchers and pig receivers, slug catchers, a complete line of pipeline fittings, and extruded headers & manifolds. WeldFit maintains a superior quality track record as evidenced by its ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Established more than 50 years ago as an oil and gas company in Houston, Texas, WeldFit has an extensive range of equipment, skills, and experience in manufacturing products that meet or exceed our customer's expectations. Whether in support of pigging a pipeline or a lateral tie-in project requiring hot tapping field services and pipeline fittings, our experienced teams excel in collaborating with our customers to develop and execute the manufacturing of equipment designs to meet their requirements and satisfy applicable design codes.

WeldFit's manufacturing department is proficient at extruding and welding several types and grades of steel using a variety of application processes. We also maintain a complete machine shop, capable of efficiently producing our extruded pipeline fittings and extruded headers to the exacting specifications our customers require. The extruded branch outlet process that we mastered has many intrinsic advantages over the more traditional welded branch outlets that don’t allow for higher yield materials. In particular, extruded branch outlets allow for reinforcement to be designed into the neck of the extrusion and can be radiographically inspected.

Currently, WeldFit has the capability to extrude up to 48" NPS outlets, through plate up to 4" thick, in combination with virtually unlimited header diameters. WeldFit has a full network of global partners ready to respond quickly to emergency requests — this includes vast inventories of many types of steel. Close proximity to the Port of Houston, Houston Intercontinental Airport, and a significant trucking fleet allow our products to expeditiously ship anywhere in the world.

Our mission is to provide direct access to engineering expertise, experienced project management, quality manufacturing, and responsive service to help our customers sustain optimum production while also controlling operating and maintenance costs. WeldFit makes pipelines more productive.