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  • WELDFIT AT PPIM 2017 (BOOTH 1027)

WELDFIT AT PPIM 2017 (BOOTH 1027) February 15, 2017

WeldFit is ready for PPIM 2017, how about you? February 28th is just around the corner. Please make sure to come by booth 1027 to see us!  The exhibition will be held February 28 ? March 2, 2017 at the George R. Brown Convention Center and Mariott Marquis in downtown Houston. You can register using the online form here: PPIM Visitor Pass Use Coupon Code (WFEG1027) to get a free visitor pass.PPIM logo 2017

We have lots of new and exciting things to show you this year including the introduction of our new SureSealTM quick-opening closure, and demonstration of our SureLaunchTM automated pigging system. 

Written by Roxy Mounter and David Wint

If you are attending the PPIM 2017 Conference, be sure to see our presentation that highlights the multiple functions of automated pigging systems and the resulting operational and economic benefits. The presentation will be on Thursday, March 2nd at 10:30 am.

An automated pigging system is typically used to address the following issues in a midstream system: wet gas lines, crude oil line, fracking contamination, unpredictable fluid production, internal corrosion, enhanced safety and environmental exposure.

In order to prevent liquids from accumulating and to maintain continuous production levels, routine pigging is required. Routine pigging removes liquids from the line, offers control on the volume of liquids that are removed at any one time, and sustains well production at consistent capacity. Routine pigging programs utilizing automated pigging systems provide the most economical and practical method of maintaining effective flow efficiencies and flow throughput as well as reducing the risk threat for the occurrence of internal corrosion failures.

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