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  • WeldFit ships first NACE SureLaunch system

WeldFit ships first NACE SureLaunch system April 13, 2017

WeldFit will ship its first National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) SureLaunch™, automated pigging system, it is the longest unit made to date with a 10 pig capacity for a 24” pipeline. SureLaunch is designed to automatically launch up to 10 pigs at a time which increases operational efficiency and flow output.  When compared to traditional manual pigging systems, SureLaunch offers substantial economic and environmental benefits. Pigging is the most cost-effective method of reducing the risk of internal corrosion failure that might result in environmental damage. If pipelines are not pigged frequently, the line will become susceptible to corrosive acids that eat away at the internal surface of the pipeline. Routine pigging prevents liquids from accumulating and helps to maintain continuous production levels. The ability to stage 10 pigs at a time reduces the risk of exposure to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) during depressurizing of the launcher or receiver barrel while loading or uploading. 

SureLaunch helps operators meet the daily challenges encountered in the field and provide significant savings from increased flow efficiency, reduced labor costs, and internal corrosion mitigation.


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