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Trusted High Alloy Extrusion Manufacturing Expertise Cold Extrusion Process

WeldFit specializes in the manufacturing of cold extruded outlets and multi-outlet manifolds in high alloys that offer superior performance in high pressure and temperature environments. WeldFit has the capabilities of cold extruding through 2” walls and up to 48” extruded diameters.

High Alloy Expertise

  • Austenitic stainless steel such as 304/304H and 310
  • Iron, Nickel, Chrome alloys such as 800/800HT and 825
  • Nickel alloys such as 200, 400, 500, 600, 617, 625 and more
  • Other ferrous and nonferrous materials

Cold Extrusion Advantage

  • Superior Performance and High Yield Strength
  • Quality Assurance in conjunction with ISO 9001:2015 and ASME section IIIV Div. 1 requirements
  • Design Flexibility
  • Cost Effective solution

Key Features and Benefits:

  • WeldFit Cold Extrusion process results in improved Thermal Shock and Resistance Quality
  • WeldFit Quality assurance program ensures 100% liquid penetrant examination inside and outside extruded area
  • No welding other than butt weld what can easily be radiographed
  • Each piece undergoes solution anneal heat treatment after extrusion 
  • Grain size recovery after recrystallization in order to promote heat resistance and creep properties


High Alloy Cold Extruded Outlets and Manifolds are used in High Temperature, High Pressure, and highly Corrosive atmospheres Typical applications for the industry sectors for both Grassroots and Retrofit projects include:
  • Inlet distributors located at the top of the furnace, produced in high alloy material specifications.
  • Cold outlet collectors located at the bottom of the furnace, produced in high alloy material specifications.
  • Transfer lines used for transferring process flow to the boiler.
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking Components for Air Grids

WeldFit Specialty Products

  • Quench water nozzle
  • Extruded headers (inlet and outlet)
  • FEED Injection Nozzle 
  • High-Temperature Thermowells
  • High-velocity Quench Tube Assemblies- Gas Oil Furnace Quench Tube
  • Quench tube outlets
  • Inlet TLX “Y” Assemblies
  • Thermowells and hangers
  • TW w/ cast alloy 6 tapered tip, Flanged TW’s, Teardrop TW’s, TW housing
  • Extruded manifolds
  • Radiant headers
  • TLX legs
  • Heat exchanger ferrules 
  • Connecting fittings such as Tees, elbows, crosses, and spools 
  • Crossover transfer lines 
  • Venturi coil inlets

Custom Manufacturing

WeldFit has been a trusted manufacturing and Engineering arm for customers to deliver your complete design package or a conceptual idea to a final product. Our customer-centric approach differentiates us from other players in the market. WeldFit is also a highly experienced manufacturer of extruded outlet headers and manifolds in many other metals including carbon, stainless per customer needs.

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