Flow Tees

WeldFit’s Flow Tee is designed to allow maximum fluid flow through a branch connection as a pipeline pig or sphere passes the opening. The Flow Tee is composed of an oversized extruded outlet tee with forged end pieces, and a slotted guide tube. The annulus of the tee is sized to ensure no pressure drop during the pig passage, while the slotted guide tube allows for the maximum fluid flow while maintain sufficient restrain for the sphere or pig.

Flow Tees are designed to ASME B31.4, B31.8 or other applicable design codes. The materials of the tee and end pieces are selected to match the pipeline material. Flow Tees are available for any pipeline size with a full or reduced branch outlet.

flow tee

Key Features:

  • Beveled ends ready for welding or flanged ends
  • Material selected to match pipeline specifications
  • Designed to specific customer requirements
  • Pressure boundary welds are 100% radiographed
  • Oversize annulus minimizes the pressure drop as the sphere or pig passes the outlet
  • Slotted guide tube allows for the maximum fluid flow while maintaining sufficient restraint for the sphere or pig as it passes through the tee
  • Available for all pipeline sizes, with a full or reduced branch outlet
  • Can be designed to any applicable pipeline code
  • Manufactured in compliance with WeldFit’s ISO 9001:2008 certified quality program

Ordering Information:

  • Run pipe size and wall thickness
  • Branch pipe size and wall thickness
  • Existing pipe material
  • Design pressure
  • Design code and design factor (if applicable)

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